Sunday, 13 November 2016

Task for hub

Task 1

1. I ate an apple on the weekend and there was quite of few chunks left of it, instead of throwing it out in the bin. I could of on outside and gave it to the worms or some other insect/animal. 

2. I got ride of some clothes the other week as they didn't fit me, I gave some to my sister but the rest of could of recycled and made it into something else.

3. Some blankets and bedding stuff. Instead of throwing it out, we could of put it into the Homeless Bin thing.

Task 2

I would be in a Farm and they 3 things I would have with me would be...
1. BBQ! so I could cook some animals for food 
2. Suitcase full with clothes and warm stuff and bedding 
3. Phone with my charger 

Task 3

Even if you are a kid you should be resourceful and it shouldn't just be aimed at adults. Everyone in the world should be using this in there everyday life. It could save some peoples life.

Task 4

Being resourceful can just be something simple like being open minded and passionate about everything in life even when it's not at your best interest. Being imaginative is something good and resourceful because people don't really use the ability in life and it's quite a good thing to have and get the idea to start using it for things especially in tough situations. 

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