Sunday, 30 April 2017

Blob Tree

Yellow one - I coloured in this one because because this is how I feel right now, this makes me feel tired and not ready for school. I just want to sleep and not be at school but at the same time I am excited to see my friends and get started into things. 

Red one - I coloured in this one because at the end of this term I am going to feel to feel happy and relieved that holidays will be soon and that all my work will be completed. 

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

What happened today / Me, Myself and I

Today I got inspired when I woke up early and had a shower, it was a good way to refresh myself for the start of the day. Today I was happy when me and my cousin Hailee finished our design in big projects, it was a good feeling to get that out of the way. Today I got frustrated when I ate all my food at morning tea and had nothing for lunch and when I'm hungry I get made and annoying! Today I had a important conversation about my goals that I'm trying to achieve. My goal is to get more in depth with my work and try to push myself to dig into my work more. I am interested in my sports, I love sports!! Especially tennis, netball and dance, also my family and friends are a big part of me. Something that makes me happy... Being around family and friends and going out and adventuring new things in life. When I'm alone I often listen to music and watch some movies. Sometimes I like to go for a run to refresh myself. So this is a little bit about me :)     

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Task for hub

Task 1

1. I ate an apple on the weekend and there was quite of few chunks left of it, instead of throwing it out in the bin. I could of on outside and gave it to the worms or some other insect/animal. 

2. I got ride of some clothes the other week as they didn't fit me, I gave some to my sister but the rest of could of recycled and made it into something else.

3. Some blankets and bedding stuff. Instead of throwing it out, we could of put it into the Homeless Bin thing.

Task 2

I would be in a Farm and they 3 things I would have with me would be...
1. BBQ! so I could cook some animals for food 
2. Suitcase full with clothes and warm stuff and bedding 
3. Phone with my charger 

Task 3

Even if you are a kid you should be resourceful and it shouldn't just be aimed at adults. Everyone in the world should be using this in there everyday life. It could save some peoples life.

Task 4

Being resourceful can just be something simple like being open minded and passionate about everything in life even when it's not at your best interest. Being imaginative is something good and resourceful because people don't really use the ability in life and it's quite a good thing to have and get the idea to start using it for things especially in tough situations. 

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Mountain Biking with hub

On Wednesday 2nd our Hub went mountain biking at Woodhill forest. We went at the start of floor time and through lunch and extended hub. We got there and got all our equipment that we needed and then we hit the track, this help by being resilient because even though our hard it was getting up that hill we still made it up there and even when we wanted to stopped we keep on going. I banged into a couple of tree's sometimes and that showed resilience because it was a quick recovery and getting back into shape and finishing off with the rest of the track.    

Sunday, 30 October 2016


How would you describe / explain resilience to the blue toad if he asked?
I would tell him not to give up and to keep trying even if he didn't like it. Also just because he didn't like the thing he tried for the first time doesn't mean people should stop doing it and give up I think he should give it ago because in the end he might end up liking it. 

How Resilient do you think you are? In school? 
At first I wasn't that resilient as i would of liked to been, but I am getting better as time goes along. I try most things in classes like I get out there but I should probably take some of that stuff and use it in my everyday life. 

Monday, 19 September 2016


What is contributive? 
To me contributive is being helpful and joining into this that can help people, for example my hub did a fundraiser for this lady who had cancer, that was being contributive and help out a lot with this cause. It was a great achievement.   

How was the fundraiser contributive?
The fundraiser was contributive because we helped out with a cause that was very important and it was something that we wanted to do as a hub, it wasn't forced on us. 

How were Monday's activities contributive?
Monday's activities were contributive because everyone was getting involved and the activities that were planned for us were involving the whole hub and teamwork and stuff.

Why is contributive important? 
Contributive is important it's getting involved into things that will make you feel happy about yourself or even making other people happy ( for example - our fundraiser we did for Heather ).